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Thursday, February 3, 2011

You have no choice...

When I was six years old, my older brother asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I responded rather quickly with,
                                             "The lady in the shoe Phillip!! Or a Robot!!"

You know, the woman who had the hundred kids? Where everything in life was just, well , fun and filled with all the playing I could want???

            (Do you know with whom and how she acquired that many?)

But I also ALWAYS wanted to be a wife, married at 18 to the man of my dreams (it was to be a french model). And although I didn't get married QUITE that young, 17 years later I married the most wonderful man that I had added as a friend on Facebook.

And who would of thought that cooking was among the daily responsibilities of a wife... and why would I? I thought of the snuggling, the holding of hands, the tax benefits!

 And with all the advice you receive before you get married, I never ONCE had someone tell me about having to cook.....dinner.....every......night.

Before marriage, I ate popcorn and drank wine for every dinner and snuggled up with roommates eating cookies and trader joe's dark chocolate.

But then you get married and there's a husband all of the sudden who's had a long day of work, who's tired and hungry,...

and as a wife you're new job title includes the word CHEF.

"My dear, not only will you not go hungry, but in my house you're eating like a king!! Anything for you!"

Basically, what I'm saying is, you have no choice. You don't, unless you're a millionaire with Emerill in your house cooking for you every night.

Otherwise, you're in the same boat as me. And if you're among my friends (or my mother), I've probably called you asking what you're making for dinner.

So this blog is about just that. Dinner, and all the memories and experiences that come with it. Hoepfully one day I'll post some great recipes that others will use, along with the awful ones. And if I feel up to it, the great recipes that required to much time and concentration and was destined for failure so instead we ordered sushi. But that sounds expensive, so I'll stick with the basics for now.

And BTW, if you have recipes, or ideas, or stories, I want to hear them! I want to cook them!!


  1. Lookin' good, Rose! And.... you haven't asked me what I'm making for dinner tonight!

  2. Hi Rosie! I have a few recipes I've posted on my blog you might want to look at. One skill in learning how to cook as a wife is what to do with left over ingredients. For example, if I have a recipe that uses plain yogurt, I try to plain to make a different recipe that also uses plain yogurt that week.

  3. Tonight we're having leftovers!! And Brigette I'll totally check out those recipes!!!

  4. Rose Bud I'm totally excited!