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Friday, February 11, 2011

Honey Citrus Salmon

I braved up and made Curry for the first time. Who knew cooking exotic foods could be cheap!

I  budget when it comes to food. We have to, or I'll overspend in buying 10 different types of cheese and and 5 different types of juice. Anybody else obsessed with Creamy Havarti? Mozzarella? Gouda? Sharp Cheddar? Cheese balls? Just thinking about it makes my stomach grumble. But I've been able to say NO to excessiveness, and stick to what I need (Except for buying butterfingers at the check out lane....those damn candy bars get me every time....)

So here's for your budget-friendly minds. If a recipe calls for many ingredients,  check to see what you have already, and substitute as much as you can!
So if it calls for Paprika, replace it with a splash of Cayenne Pepper. If it calls for Lemon Zest, skip it completely. Sure it might give it an extra kick but those little ingredients can add up to $20 extra at the grocery store.

If you have an idea of what spices bring to the food, you can be creative with what you have in your cupboard. Your husband isn't going to notice those missing scallions on his food, I promise. (Thats $4 saved, right there!!)

Anyways, back to Curry. With curry, comes smell. Our house still reeks every time I walk in the door! Maybe it's because of the left overs in the fridge. I also haven't washed the crockpot. Disgusting? Maybe. But who wants to clean a dish when they can watch 'Dexter' with their husband instead? Or you know, write a blog?

Here's a new recipe that looks fabulous.....I got it from a blog called "Sprinkles of Parsley"  and she has amazing ideas and pictures for each step. This recipe grabbed my attention the second I layed eyes on the finished product. You're demanded to check this out and let me know what you think! I'm going to use lemon juice instead (I have a ton of it in my fridge) of the zest...I'm cheap and I can still make it work.

Honey Citrus Salmon

P.S. For all you wives with picky husbands as eaters, I'm sorry. Life is a little trickier for I'll post recipes more often that might be more suitable to those taste buds. Ben makes life easy as he eats literally everything under the sun (even raw meat, ugh!!). It also allows me to experiment and make tons of mistakes. Isn't he great?

Happy cooking!!!


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