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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well, this is embarrasing.

This was my last grocery run. Your wonderful newlywed chef has turned into a convenience junkie.
 What is it, exactly?

1. Kiwi (not a bad start)
2.) Chai Tea
3.) Oatmeal
4.) Ginger ale

 But then it gets worse....

5.) Spaghettios
6.) Hot Chocolate
7.) Pop Tarts
8.) Cheese filled Crackers

I am disappointed in what I bought- I couldn't believe my eyes, really. I unloaded from my bags and blurted, "what the crap".  Literally. What was I thinking? I wouldn't even buy these for my (unborn) kids! But I must have not been that disappointed... because soon after I opened up the smores pop tarts and had a lunch.

The thing is, me and Ben have started eating really healthy. Lot's of fruits and vegetables, and very slim on sugars, starches and meats. We haven't been eating a lot of traditional dinners (meat, starch, vegetable) but our bodies have been thanking us for it.

But last night, as Ben was about to make us Spaghettios, we decided on a more healthier option, "Taco Bell". Yep. Much healthier. Beefy 5 layer burritos and a Nacho's Bell Grande while watching "The Walking Dead". 

You could say this is a rebellion against how healthy we have been lately.  But I am going to tell you straight up- That this past grocery trip was an attempt to start making more traditional dinners again for my husband. I failed so miserably that our dinner came from the worst fast food restaurant there is in America.

I think I left my brain in the shower this morning.

 Now for that ginger ale because my stomach is turning,

until then!

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